Trump Wall Tracker

President Trump has been working vigorously to secure our borders since being elected . In doing so he has sought out the most heavily trafficked areas that the ruthless Mexican Cartels are taking advantage of.  These priority areas had one thing in common, border barriers already existed here. However, these old barriers were not walls, or anything intended to seriously stop people or drugs,  and most are only 3′ tall. These are nothing more than a hurdle, not a barrier and they are made out of old scrap metal.

We believe these areas are the hot zones for illegal activity because the so-called  barriers that previous Presidents built are so grossly ineffective. President Trump is now going in to these hot zones, gutting these ineffective out-dated barriers and building modern multi-faceted walls that are proven to stop people and dangerous drugs from entering into our country.

President Trump is going after the worst areas first. DHS has dubbed these areas as ‘Priority Zones’, Priority 1, 2, 3 and 4, with priority 1 being the most vital. Priority 1 zones are now being addressed with the now approved Defense budget allocation.

Brian Kolfage

Founder & President- We Build The Wall

The first panel of three Tucson projects was installed at 2 p.m., PDT, Aug. 22, 2019, near Lukeville, Ariz. This border barrier project spans approximately 5 miles. The other projects span approximately 38 and 20 miles. Each project replaces existing barrier with steel bollard barriers. USACE is providing direction and oversight for Department of Defense (DOD)-funded construction of border barrier projects from California to Texas. These projects are being executed by USACE, as directed through the U.S. Army by the Secretary of Defense, in response to DHS’s request for assistance to help secure the United States southern border by blocking drug-smuggling corridors through the construction of roads and fences, and the installation of lighting under 10 U.S.C. § 284. DOD and USACE are executing these projects in support of Customs and Border Protection.