WeBuildtheWall, Inc.
PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567

Help us fight back against the fake news!

The Fake News falsely claimed that We Build the Wall is attempting to build your border wall on a nature preserve we don’t have access to.

That claim is 100% false.

And now The Rundown News has proved it

The Fake News is even trying to use their bogus claims in court to stop our entire project!

We’re fighting back in court, and we’re winning, since their claims are 100% false.

But we need your help.

We need $100 from every Trump voter to help us build the Wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border

Please chip in whatever you can to help.

We won’t stop until its complete. 

We build the wall quickly, securely, and at a lower cost.

All it takes is $5 or $25 or $75 —  please give whatever you can afford.

Together we raised over $2 million dollars from patriots giving just $5, and we put it to use building the wall.

We will have 4 miles completed by Christmas 2019, which would have cost the government about $60 Million dollars. We did it for $25 Million!


God Bless,

Brian Kolfage Jr.
President – We Build The Wall, Inc

4 los zetas cartel smugglers arrested on site trafficking illegal aliens into the USA. Our wall will STOP them when its finished!

The new wall is 3.5 miles long and is on a MAJOR smuggling route for the cartels. In our first week we discovered 2 dead bodies and 50+ illegals crossing and oe high speed chase with border patrol and a cartel member running drugs.

We Build the Wall, Inc. is a Florida non-profit tax-exempt advocacy organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions or gifts to We Build the Wall are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. Not paid for at taxpayer expense. WeBuildtheWall, Inc.
PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567.